A Bifuzzy Multi Criteria Decision Making Method for Selection of Facility Location

Shashank Chaube, S. B. Singh


The facility location selection is one of the important activities in planning of strategy in almost all of private and public industries, is a multi-criteria decision making problem which includes both quantitative and qualitative criteria. In real life situations it is very difficult to have accurate and complete information for facility location therefore traditional methods for facility location selection cannot be effectively handled. This paper proposes the integration of bifuzzy preference relation to obtain weights of criteria. Bifuzzy Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSIS) method have been proposed to rank the  alternatives for dealing with incomplete/ inaccurate information on selecting the most required facility location. To illustrate the proposed method, a real life application is taken.


AHP, Bifuzzy set, Bifuzzy Preference relation, Bifuzzy TOPSIS Method, Facility Location, Multi Criteria Decision Making.


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