GTO Based PowerBridge Inverter to Control Nonlinear Behavior of Power Electronic Circuits using MATLAB Simulation

Sadaf Qasim, Sony Verma, Rashmi Pant, Shalini Singh


This paper proposes a novel, power electronics system, a high power DC to AC converter, capable of converting power. This paper describes efficient method to avoid instability in power inverter. MATLAB/SIMULINK as a teaching tool is used for modeling and simulation of line commutated dc to ac converter (inverter). A GTO based Three Phase Bridge Inverter has been taken and nonlinear phenomena is investigated using a software package MATLAB/SIMULINK. It is observe that the inverter moves from stable operation to unstable operation as the input voltage to the converter is decreased. This information plays a vital role for designing practical circuits in power electronic circuits.


Power Bridge Inverter, Nonlinearities, Instabilities, Controller for compensation.


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