Chemical Reaction Effect in Mhd Slip Flow of Alumina Water Nanofluid Over a Flat Plate

Padam Singh, Manoj Kumar


Present study deals with the investigation of chemical reaction effect in mass transfer of magnetohydrodynamic slip flow of laminar, electrically conducting, viscous, incompressible alumina water nanofluid over a flat plate. The governing equations are transformed into simultaneous ordinary differential equations by using appropriate similarity transformation. The set of equations thus obtained has been solved numerically by using Adaptive Runge-Kutta method and with shooting technique. The effects of chemical reaction rate and magnetic field on velocity, concentration, shear stress and concentration gradient have depicted graphically and analyzed. Significant changes were observed in the mass transfer rate with respect to these physical parameters.


Magnetohydrodynamic, Nanofluid, Boundary Layer Slip, Volume Fraction, Concentration, Chemical reaction



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