Exact Relativistic Modeling of Einstein’s Field Equations for Isotropic Radiating Stars

Kali Charan


We here investigate an exact relativistic model for an isotropic radiating star and the matching conditions required for the description of physically meaningful fluid. The interior matter fluid is shear-free spherically symmetric and undergoing radial heat flow collapsing under the influence of its own gravity. The model seems to be physically sound as it corresponds to the non-negative expressions for fluid density, isotropic pressure and radiation flux density throughout the star. The apparent luminosity as observed by the distant observer at rest at infinity is zero in remote past at the instance when the collapse begins and at the stage when collapsing configuration reaches the horizon of the black hole. 


Exact Relativistic Modeling, Radiating star, Gravitational collapse, Black hole.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29218/srmsjoms.v3i01.11209

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