Fuzzy control system design and manufacture of Magnetic Levitation and compared with PID controller

Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini Rostami, Mansoureh Ghazaani, Seyyed Mohammad Latifi Rostami


Fuzzy logic is one of the most effective tools in creating procedures and designing
systems that are close to human performance and form the basis of Fuzzy controllers.
Due to the complexity of industrial equipment and devices, Fuzzy controllers are
effective in this regard. Fuzzy controllers have been successfully used in controlling
different systems over the past two decades. In this project, a method for controlling the
levitation-point system is presented. Nonlinearity and system instability are features that
control it with PID and the response from this controller is not desirable, so Fuzzy
control is a simple and practical way to solve this problem. In this project, the Fuzzy
controller and the PID controller have been applied to the simplified Maglev system
(magnetic levitations), which simukation shows Fuzzy logic is better than PID
controller. The simulation results obtained from the system indicate the efficiency of the
proposed method.


Fuzzy control, magnetic levitation, non-linear, PID

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29218/srmsjoms.v3i01.11209


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