A Fuzzy Assignment Approach: Categorically for Selection Technique

Anju Khandelwal


The recruitment process in any departments or organizations is usually decided by
traditional criteria. Lacking of theoretical basis, it is often difficult to achieve the desired
result. In this paper we use triangular fuzzy number in delegation of recruitment process
with the help of modified approach of assignment. For finding the optimal assignment,
we make the balanced assignment problem, if unbalanced is given, then it is transformed
into crisp assignment problem in linear programming by using the Robust’s ranking
method. Finally the solution is obtained by modified method of assignment. This method
is easier than the existing technique i.e. easier than the Hungarian Method and by this
approach the numbers of iterations are reduced so that time taken by this method is less
than the Hungarian method.


Fuzzy number, Triangular Fuzzy Number, Recruitment, Unbalanced Assignment Problem, Robust Ranking Method.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29218/srmsjoms.v3i3.12954


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