Basic Properties of Petri Nets

Gajendra Pratap Singh


 The concept of a Petri net was introduced by Carl Adam Petri, a tool for the

budy of certain discrete dynamical systems [7]. One of the most active fields of current research in mathematics is the subject of discrete dynamical system as Petri nets, whose structures form directed bipartite graphs [3], together with an initial marking. Petri nets are used for describing, designing and studying discrete event-driven systems that are characterized as being concurrent, asynchronous, distributed, parallel, and/or nondeterministic. As a graphical tool, Petri net can be used for planning and designing such a

system with given objectives, more effectively than flowcharts and block diagrams. As a mathematical tool, it enables one to set up state equations and algebraic equations and other mathematical models which govern the behavior of system dynamics. This paper is a small survey of basic concepts and application of Petri nets. Here we specially focus on some of its basic structural and dynamic properties.



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