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Author Guideline


1. Papers must be in English, written in a concise manner.

2. Submission of a paper implies that it contains original work that has not previously been published

and that has not being submitted for publication elsewhere.

3. Authors are required to disclose papers published or under review in other journals that are based

on similar methods or data. Please cite and explain how the current paper differs from these related


4. An author wishing to submit an article to the JMS should send in both MS-Word and PDF format by

email to All correspondence, including notification of the Editor's decision

and requests for revision, takes place electronically.

5. Along with the manuscript, authors need to submit a list of names, academic affiliation physical

address, and current email address of at least two potential reviewers.

6. The paper must not exceed 15 pages, including the references and annexes.

7. The article must be in documented in MS Word, A4 size, margins top/ bottom 2.54 cm left/right 2.54

Cm, Font Times New Roman 12. Lines spacing single. The manuscript should contain matter in the

following order:

(i) The title (ii) The name (s) and complete affiliation (s) [including e-mail address (es)] of the

author(s); (iii) An abstract of not more than 100 words; (iv) A maximum of 5 keywords;

(v) classification code according to the AMS/Mathematics Subject Classification ( 2010)

(vi) Text matter

(vii) References


For articles: Yaacob, Y. Analysis of a dengue disease transmission model without immunity.

MATEMATIKA. 23(2): 75–81, 2008.

For books: Podlubny, I., Fractional differential equations: an introduction to fractional derivatives,

fractional differential equations, to methods of their solution and some of their applications. New York:

Academic Press; 1999.

7. Figures should be high resolution with descriptive headings, respectively.

8. The manuscript could not be withdrawn once accepted by the journal.