A review on Cloud Computing in Education

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Priyank Gupta
Krishna K. Gupta


Cloud computing is a currently developed computing paradigm that can be utilized to deliver
all services to various platforms. Cloud computing is rapidly being implemented in educational
institutions and is quickly becoming an integral element of the learning process. For educational
institutes to find chances to apply cloud computing in its context, a systematic review of these
various contributions, which give a consistent taxonomy, may be deemed valuable. This review
will strengthen this information by offering a deep analysis of the existing data to bridge any
gap and add to the current body of knowledge. The study identifies and analyses the benefits
and hazards that cloud computing may have for education's primary stakeholders, which might
be beneficial in identifying instances where cloud computing may have numerous advantages
in an educational environment.


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Gupta, P., & Gupta, K. K. (2019). A review on Cloud Computing in Education. SRMS Journal of Mathmetical Science, 6(01), 23-25. https://doi.org/10.29218/srmsmaths.v6i1.04